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Fastening solutions that are intelligent, environmentally friendly and profitable for crops

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The ARaymond* objective is to offer its clients innovative solutions, combining service and high value-added products. In response to agricultural productivity problems, ARaymond has designed and developed creative solutions enabling significant gains on fastening time and yields. With the compostable range the use of biodegradable materials that respect the environment is favoured whenever possible.


Recently established in the agricultural market, ARaymond has a strong ability to innovate. Working as closely as possible with its clients, producers and distributors and in tune to their needs, ARaymond offers new solutions to better adapt to the requirements of growers. With R&D resources dedicated to the agricultural market, and technological and industrial expertise from the automotive world, ARaymond has developed a range of intelligent products, bringing genuine value to its partners.


Client-oriented culture, social commitment, teamwork, integrity, honesty and respect for the environment are all core values ​​within the company, as evidenced by the support for international initiatives such as Tree-Nation and The United Nations Global Compact. Consistent with its environmental commitment, in addition to its traditional range, ARaymond offers a range of biodegradable solutions, combining productivity and a greater respect for nature.

A global market

ARaymond products are designed and manufactured in Spain. They are now sold worldwide. With a very strong presence in the European market in particular in Spain and the Benelux countries, ARaymond further strengthens its presence either directly or through its distributors in Japan, the U.S, India and North Africa ... Faced with specific issues and requirements, ARaymond has developed a range of products adapted to the specific needs of different markets, in terms of farming practices, crop varieties or weather conditions.

The ARaymond NetworkARaymond AGRICULTURE, hook fasteners

With more than 150 years of existence, the ARaymond Network** invents, manufactures and sells fastening solutions. Since 2010, ARaymond Tecniacero transposes these years of combined experience and industrial expertise to the agriculture market by designing fastening systems for crops and by implementing its expertise in plastic injection.


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