Innovative fastening solutions for crops

ARaymond* designs, manufactures and sells fasteners for the intensive greenhouse cultivation of vegetables, fruit and vines. In tune with the needs and expectations of its clients and in partnership with the agricultural world. They reconcile productivity and environment with a wide range of plastic or biodegradable fastening solutions.

Greenhouse culture

ARaymond offers innovative and intelligent fasteners, enabling growers to simplify culture,
maximize yields and minimize labour costs.

Vineyard culture

ARaymond, ergonomic, fast and easy to attach viticulture solutions.

Bio solutions

Making life easier for growers and reaching positive environmental goals with them is an interesting challenge !

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ARaymond Easy Clip 26mm

ARaymond set to expand the Easy Clip family in 2017  [+]


The Easy Clip 14mm- a tailor-made solution for the cucumber market from ARaymond  [+]

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