"Green" solutions
A range of biodegradable solutions, reaching positive environmental goals.

« Green » solutions

« Making life easier for growers and reaching positive environmental goals with them is an interesting challenge! »

ARaymond* true to its environmental commitment offers a wide range of biodegradable fastening solutions in addition to its plastic range.

Made from natural materials such as cotton or certified compostable materials (label "OK Compost"1), these environmentally friendly fastening products combine robustness and fast composting. They greatly simplify the work of producers, enabling the composting of all waste together without sorting, the fasteners when the plants have reached the end of their life cycle!

The biodegradable tomato hook and clip1 are certified "OK Compost". This label guarantees biodegradability in industrial composting conditions in accordance with the requirements of the European standard EN 13432.

ARaymond uses certified raw materials for its other clips2.

Thanks to its expertise and technological innovations, ARaymond continues to improve the mechanical and functional properties of its organic range, accordingly offering its clients unique and ever more efficient solutions. The products in this range are actually designed by integrating the specificities of biodegradable materials to optimize their robustness and efficiency.


1 RayHook BIN and CBN21S
2 VBC20
Tests report available on demand, for information purpose only.

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