TwinHook – a bespoke ARaymond solution for tomato growers

Date : 11/20/14

The story behind a pioneering new product from ARaymond™

Araymond TwinHook: support for tomato plants

The inspiration for new products can sometimes arrive quite unexpectedly. In the case of TwinHook, the latest industry-leading solution by ARaymond*, its creation can be traced back to the day sales engineer Erikjan Hoornstra visited a tomato growing greenhouse in Holland. Following a discussion with the grower, Erikjan was inspired to create a brand new device to prevent stems from splitting when a tomato plant is being lowered.

The pioneering ARaymond™ TwinHook concept came about when Erikjan discovered his client was using two separate clips to prevent split stems from damaging tomato plants. With 600,000 plants on-site, there was an obvious need for a cost-effective and labor-saving approach, as Erikjan recalls: “It’s a unique problem to tomato plants that we’ve tried to solve. We initially sat down and came up with several ideas, and I went back to our R&D department who produced some proposals on paper. I showed the client four or five proposals, we chose one, and then the R&D department made some 3D prints. I went back to the grower and we tested them as far as we could with a 3D print, before ordering the mounds for production.”

ARaymond™ TwinHook’s circular polypropylene brackets provide extra support to each plant as it becomes larger and heavier. This helps to reduce cases of stems splitting, which can increase the risk of diseases like botrytis. Also known as gray mold, this fungus can attack damaged plants and prevent healthy growth. That reduces the profitability of each plant, as Erikjan explains: “You get two shoots on a tomato plant, one from each leaf, and the two shoots intertwine. After ten weeks, because a tomato plant will be very long, they have to lower the system, but the shoots can break at this point. They tear apart.”

It was immediately obvious that ARaymond™ TwinHook had real potential for tomato growers. “We knew it was the product that we were looking for,” says Erikjan, “which is why we made those 3D prints. A plant is quite an expensive investment for the growers, so they really wanted to trial it on a bigger scale. They said ‘we believe in it and we think it will work, so let’s do a large trial’. It’s taken one year from the initial concept to reach the point we’re at today.”

The success of TwinHook typifies the fact that ARaymond is dedicated to supporting its customers in every possible way. This includes designing brand-new products that deliver value-added solutions for greenhouse cultures,improving profitability and increasing yields. “It’s typical of their attitude and DNA that ARaymond give you a lot of room and space to develop ideas,” concludes Erikjan. “They know if you create something new that adds value, it will also influence your margins. They give you positive encouragement to use your imagination, because there’s always a need for new products and solutions like TwinHook.”

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Araymond TwinHook: clip for tomato plants

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