SIVAL 2017- Looking to the future of fruits and vegetables production

Date : 02/20/17

The annual SIVAL plant production show is an important event for the European produce industry. Every year the show brings together leading producers, distributors and manufacturers from all over Northern France to discuss agricultural issues, present new products and network with fellow professionals. ARaymond* was once again present at this year’s show to meet with existing clients and distributors, encounter new customers and to promote its innovative range of fastening solutions for greenhouse fruits and vegetables cultivation.

An important opportunity

SIVAL is the biggest produce trade show to be held in North West France, and as such brings together over 600 exhibitors of all types of plant cultivation. As a key player in both the European and international agricultural market, SIVAL is an important date in ARaymond calendar. Victor Fernet, a Sales Engineer with ARaymond explains that the salon allows the ARaymond team the opportunity to meet with clients and distributors in a more relaxed working environment, and to discuss existing and future projects together.

Rapidly expanding sector

The North West, particularly Brittany and the Loire Valley is the area which produces the most tomatoes in France per year. Most fruits and vegetables are grown via greenhouse production and the sector is rapidly expanding thanks to the use of ultra-modern greenhouse technology. ARaymond has significantly strengthened its presence in the region thanks to efficient and ergonomic products like the Flextruss and TwinHook which have had a lot of success with producers due to their optimised design and robust quality.

Discover the latest trends

The SIVAL salon is also the ideal occasion to discover the latest market trends and the future of fruits and vegetables production. Victor Fernet notes “Eco -friendly products such as the ARaymond™ bio-compostable Classic Clips and our biodegradable twine are in demand this year, as growers seek to use less plastic. With new advances in greenhouse technology, our clients are increasingly able to offer tasty, colourful produce all year-round without using harsh chemicals and pesticides. Reusing and recycling energy resources and water in the greenhouses was an important topic as was the need to invest in optimised resources to enhance production.”

Valuable Feedback

Meeting with producers and growers during SIVAL is always a very positive experience for ARaymond. The company prides itself on its adaptability and constantly strives to improve product design to meet customer needs. Mr Fernet explained “SIVAL provides us with valuable feedback from our customers regarding our products, for example we have had a lot of positive comments about the FlexTruss support system since its launch. Our customers appreciate its flexible design which reduces the risk of damage to their delicate plants. SIVAL is an opportunity for us to further develop our solutions based on the customers’ specific requirements.”  With over 22,000 visitors present at this year’s show, once again SIVAL has proven itself to be a benchmark exhibition within the produce sector.

SIVAL ARaymond

* In this article, ARaymond” , refers to A RAYMOND TECNIACERO SAU, located in Ctra. de Manresa Berga Km. 0,5 – 08272 SantFruitos De Bages, Barcelona, Spain, registered in RegistroMercantil de Barcelona under the registration number: RM Barcelona N° ES A08294944, that is the editor of this article, is responsible for this article, and has a trademark licence agreement,.
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