The Easy Clip 14mm- a tailor-made solution for the cucumber market from ARaymond

Date : 03/30/17

This year, ARaymond* will launch its latest fastening solution, the Easy Clip 14mm for cucumbers, which will join the other products in the Easy Clip range. This handy 14mm clip was created by ARaymond following requests from cucumber growers for a smaller product to use in their greenhouses during the production phase.

Ideal for high-wire cultivation

Cucumbers have a permanent place in the produce market with large scale crops grown year-round all over the world. In recent years, producers have been moving away from traditional cultivation techniques and increasingly looking to high-wire cultivation for their plants, a method which offers both higher yields and more room for growth. The Easy Clip 14mm is ideal for use with the high-wire technique as the clips support the delicate plant stems while their rounded form and air-vents reduce the risk of Botrytis among the greenhouse crops.

Supporting our customers at every level

Erik Jan Hoornstra, Sales Engineer at ARaymond explains how the new solution was created, “At ARaymond we always try to support our customers at every level. With regards to the new clip, we went directly to the cucumber growers and listened to their product needs. They came back to us with a specific request for a smaller clip to use with their plants and provide support for the branches. They wanted a smaller clip with less space, to avoid the leaves of the cucumber plants coming between the clip and the stems. They also needed the clip to be easy to open and able to move along the stem if necessary, so this was another point we had to take into consideration during the design phase.”

A robust and ergonomic design

Following the request from the growers, ARaymond R&D Department came up with the outline for the Easy Clip 14mm. The new clip is based on the growers’ specifications and incorporates all the trademarks of the ARaymond™ Easyclip, with a robust and ergonomic design and easy to use positioning system. When locked into place, the clip has an audible click which makes it easy to check the positioning on the plant stem. The new model has already been shown to several growers and feedback so far has been enthusiastic.

Products tailor-made for our growers

Erik Jan Hoornstra remarks “Because our clients already use and trust ARaymond™ products, it was natural for them to collaborate with us to create a solution to their problems. This new Easy Clip 14mm has been tailor-made by ARaymond for our growers and we think they will be very pleased with its design. The smaller size of the new clip will enable us to pack more items per box, therefore reducing costs for international shipments. From the feedback, we can tell that the cucumber producers are immediately able to see that this is the solution they have been waiting for.”

Following the success of the initial trials of the new clip, ARaymond is now launching production of the new Easy Clip 14mm and aims to have it on the commercial market by May 2017.

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ARaymond Easy Clip 14mm

* In this article, ARaymond” , refers to A RAYMOND TECNIACERO SAU, located in Ctra. de Manresa Berga Km. 0,5 – 08272 SantFruitos De Bages, Barcelona, Spain, registered in RegistroMercantil de Barcelona under the registration number: RM Barcelona N° ES A08294944, that is the editor of this article, is responsible for this article, and has a trademark licence agreement,.
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