Greenhouse clips

Recognizable by their clearly audible "click" when closing, our clips are quick and easy to install. Their hinge is specially designed to firmly grasp the string. The rounded form and air vents located throughout the clip reduce the risk of Botrytis and supports branches without injury.

Download PDF : greenhouse clips
  • Easy Clip 14, 23, 26mm

    • Optimized design, allowing better packaging conditions to decrease the freight costs
    • Easy positioning, with its hinge designed with twine guide
    • Strong locker, the audible “click” confirms the clip is closed when in place.
    • Available in black, white and natural color
  • Ergo Clip 14.5mm

    • Ergonomic with its closing using only two fingers and its V shape hinge for easier positioning
    • Reinforced latch connector and hinge with extra grips combined with double locking claws
    • Enhanced rounded edges to prevent plant damages
    • Available in black, white and natural color
  • Classic Clip 21mm S

    • Air circulation facilitated due to its large air-holes
    • Robust hinge with extra grips
    • Bio-compostable version available
    • Available in black, white and natural color

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