Greenhouse hooks

Tailored to your needs with four types of string and at the desired length, our hooks are quick and easy to install, unwind and remove. They adapt to single or double braided cables from 2 to 4 mm.

Download PDF : greenhouse hooks
  • Greenhouse Steel Reel Hook


    • Steel hook and refill reel
    • Anti-fall system, prevents from slipping or jumping from the wire
    • Available with the full range of strings
  • Greenhouse plastic Hook PPB

    RayHook PPB

    • Plastic hook
    • Anti-fall system, prevents from slipping or jumping from the wire
    • Blocking area, maintains the hook vertically and avoids unexpected unreeling
    • Free-fall system
    • Plastic or cotton string
  • Greenhouse compostable plastic Hook BIN

    RayHook BIN

    • Compostable hook composed ​​of biodegradable material
    • Compostable string, cotton or biodegradable version (PLA)
  • Greenhouse classic steel Hook

    Classic Hook

    • Steel hook
    • Free-fall system
    • Available with the full range of strings
  • Greenhouse plastic twine

    Plastic twine

    • Thin and robust
    • Stabilized against UV**
    • Different colors available
    • Different thickness available: 1.000 (m/Kg),1.200 (m/Kg),1.500 (m/Kg)
  • Greenhouse cotton twine

    Bio twine

    • Several compostable twines available
    • UV transparent**
  • Free fall

    • 8  free fall
    • Elastic free fall
*This product is not on sale in Belgium, Israel and The Netherlands.

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