"Reelhook offers excellent level of safety & ergonomy"


Magi Pié


High-quality tomato and cucumber production

Based in Bonastre in the Catalonia region of north-eastern Spain, Magí Pié the owner and director of Cal Magí has over 20 years’ experience in hydroponic greenhouse cultivation. Dedicated to the production of high-quality tomatoes and cucumbers for high-end restaurants and speciality shops throughout the region, Cal Magí specialises in growing a large variety of crops using natural methods of cultivation which are certified and controlled by the Catalan Council of Integrated Production.

Focus on flavour and texture

With a strong focus on producing crops which offer exceptional levels of flavour and texture, Magí Pié has been using ARaymond’s steel Reelhooks in the Cal Magí greenhouses to bring their cucumber and tomato crops up to optimum working height. Tailor-made to meet grower requirements regarding ease of installation, twine release and safety, Pié choose to use the Reelhooks based on their optimised design and increased levels of security during all the plant lifecycle.

Excellent levels of safety during the whole lifecycle

He explains: “Here at Cal Magí, we grow a wide variety of crops including the larger Beefsteak, Raf and Montserrat tomatoes. Our plants are heavier than the crops traditionally grown in other countries so we need a stronger support system than offered by the classic greenhouse hooks in order to avoid damaging or breaking our plants. The ARaymond Reelhooks offer an excellent level of safety as the Anti-fall twine release system prevents our crops from falling during the plant lifecycle. Its lock system also avoids the hook to jump from the wire which is very important for us”



ARaymond Reelhooks


Practical solution to decrease labour time and costs

Mr Pié also noted the increased practicality of the ARaymond Reelhook highlighting the ease of installation for his workers. He added: “I find the Reelhooks to be a very functional solution for Cal Magí as they are very simply to install and unwind, its ergonomic design help my workers to hold less weight and they are able to hang the hooks quickly and easily which in turn decreases my labour time and costs. As a grower, my main concerns are to ensure optimum growing conditions for my crops and the ARaymond Reelhooks provide me with this added security.”

Flexible and efficient solutions

A flexible and efficient solution for greenhouse growers, the ARaymond Reelhooks can be adapted to wires from 2 to 4 mm. The Reelhook has capacity for 30m of twine release. The reel support needs to be purchased just once and then it can be reused during many crop rotations.


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