The growing importance of environmentally-friendly products within the agriculture sector

Since their introduction in the 1950’s, the use of plastic products within the agricultural sector has become increasingly widespread. Used to improve efficiency and decrease labour time and costs, plastic products such as fasteners, clips and hooks play a vital role during all stages of crop production. But, with a growing awareness of the need to reduce plastic pollution within the industry, finding sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions is becoming more and more important. ARaymond Agriculture has therefore decided to tackle virgin plastics by developing biodegradable solutions and prime quality recycled plastics for farmers and growers world-wide.

ARaymond’s range of biodegradable solutions certified as EN 14995

In order to meet the growing demand from clients for efficient and recyclable products, the ARaymond Agriculture team has developed a range of biodegradable fastening solutions. In keeping with our company values, these biodegradable products meet the same high standards of quality and efficiency as our plastic range. Dedicated to producing innovative products, our aim is also to help producers reach their environmental goals. In 2018, ARaymond’s biodegradable clips and twine were certified as NF EN 14995. 

ARaymond Agriculture

Adaptable and sustainable solutions for vegetable production

Awarded using internationally-recognised standards, the NF EN 14995 label guarantees biodegradability in industrial composting conditions. We are proud to confirm that this label has been awarded to ARaymond’s entire range of biodegradable greenhouse clips and supports. Adaptable and sustainable, the ARaymond biodegradable solutions include Easy and Classic greenhouse clips for tomato, cucumber and pepper crops. Flextruss and Twinhook supports for plant protection in addition to our 100% compostable biodegradable twine. Additionally, the ARaymond biodegradable range enables producers and growers to streamline the composting process whilst benefitting from tax incentives. As our biodegradable products can be safely recycled with greenhouse waste, there is no need to sort the clips and fasteners separately. This ensures that no harmful chemicals are released into the soil or water source during the waste treatment phase.

Virgin plastic reduction

In addition to our range of biodegradable products, our environmental commitment strategy has also seen our in-house ARaymond Agriculture team focus on developing new ways to produce our original line of plastic fastening solutions. ARaymond’s entire line of greenhouse clips and supports is now made from recycled plastics thereby helping to reduce our carbon footprint and that of our customers. By reusing plastic products to produce new fastening solutions, our aim is to preserve resources and energy whilst substantially reducing the amount of plastic.

ARaymond Agriculture

An ongoing commitment to sustainable development

As a long-term supporter of international initiatives such as Tree-Nation and The United Nations Global Compact, we see the expansion of ARaymond’s line of recycled and biodegradable fastening solutions as the next step in strengthening our ongoing commitment to sustainable development and the environment. 
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