ARaymond Agriculture - New Agilo

“Introducing the Agilo from ARaymond”

A revolutionary new fastening system for tree nurseries, the Agilo is the latest innovative solution from ARaymond Agriculture. Optimized for a perfect performance during the life cycle of the trees, the Agilo has two independent closing systems. A wire clip, which is, fixed to an overhead wire to protect the plant from falling because of the winds and doesn’t need any tree pressure to offer a good performance and a flexible belt which is attached to the trunk to ensure greater stability during the tree’s growth and development phases.

“Designed to offer optimum wind resistance”

Created by the ARaymond Research and Development team specifically for use with pot-grown trees, the flexible Agilo system is easy to use and offers several advantages in terms of wind resistance, set up time and functionality when compared to other fastening solutions. Designed to ensure optimal closing without damaging the fragile trunks of the young saplings, each Agilo is made from premium materials and is UV-protected to guarantee stability in all weather conditions.

“An ergonomic closing system”

Thanks to its ergonomic closing system, the Agilo is very easy to use and can be installed by unskilled workers with no need for prior experience or training in the agriculture sector. The independent locking systems allow the grower to leave the Agilo in position on the overhead wire and move the tree pots as required while the fast and simple setup time will enable them to optimise staff performance whilst reducing labour costs and increasing profit margins.


ARaymond Agriculture - Agilo

“Tree protection against friction damage”

With 2 independent closing systems, the Agilo provides better wind resistance than any other fastening solution currently on the market. Available in 2 sizes, the Agilo system can also be adapted for use with a wide variety of nursery trees. Offering growers increased protection when securing the wire and the trunk, the soft plastic of the ARaymond closing system protects the tree against friction damage and is designed to ensure seamless closing without putting pressure on the delicate young trees.

“An ultra-resistant solution”

Created using a durable material composition, the ARaymond Agilo is ultra-resistant and can be used in all climates and weather conditions with no impact to the system’s long-term operation. Providing growers with an effective and safe solution to protect pot plants against blowover, the Agilo system offers a greatly enhanced performance and can be reused multiple times during its lifespan with no loss of performance when installing or removing the clip and belt fasteners.
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