“Società Agricola Biodinamica San Michele and ARaymond”


Founded in 1987, the Società Agricola Biodinamica San Michele is one of the most distinguished biodynamic agricultural societies in Europe. Located in the Venice region of Italy, the society uses traditional biodynamic agricultural methods developed in the early 1900’s by renowned Austrian scientist Rudolf Steiner, to treat their land as a self-sustainable organism and to promote the concept of community-supported agriculture. By combining techniques such as crop rotation and a ‘closed-loop’ fertility system with trusted eco-friendly products including ARaymond’s Biodegradable Twine, the San Michele foundation is able to produce organic products of the highest quality and flavour whilst respecting the environment at every stage of production.




Covering over 170 hectares of land in the province of Treviso, Veneto, the Società Agricola Biodinamica San Michele cultivates a large variety of organic fruit and vegetables including tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, eggplants and zucchini on two of their key sites. Grown in rich soil and irrigated by a natural spring found within the estate, the foundation is known throughout northern Italy for their commitment to quality, taste and sustainable practices. They have chosen to concentrate their operation on providing the very-highest quality fresh produce for wholesale trade to organic and biodynamic distributers across Italy, via their own independent EcorNaturaSì circuit.




Developed by the R&D team at ARaymond Agriculture for use within the sustainable agriculture sector and made from 100% compostable PLA, ARaymond’s biodegradable twine has already delivered quantifiable benefits to the Società Agricola Biodinamica San Michele. Following an initial trial period of one year, the foundation’s director stated how much the San Michele teams appreciate using the ARaymond twine thanks to its robust nature, plus its excellent capacities for resistance and grip when installed. Designed and manufactured by ARaymond to meet the highest standards of quality assurance and optimal design, Anito Bonadio also commented that the biodegradable twine allows the Società Agricola Biodinamica San Michele to make their agriculture operations more technologically efficient whilst maintaining their goal of integrating a wholly ecological and ethical approach to farming.

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