Ergo Clip

Launched in 2013, the Ergo Clip has become one of ARaymond’s most popular and bestselling product distinguished for its quality and reduction of labour costs. Designed specifically for the cucumber market, the innovative 14.5mm Ergo Clip fastening system is ideal for the production of delicate plants within a greenhouse setting as it reduces damage and maximises plant growth. With a proven success with vegetable growers and distributors across the world, ARaymond recently decided to review the Ergo Clip to make the product even easier to use.

“Enhanced ergonomic design”

The new Ergo Clip was conceived by ARaymond’s Innovation and Development department and features an enhanced ergonomic semi-closed design which will enable growers to install it quickly and easily. A value-added solution, the new Ergo Clip will also help producers reduce labour costs and maximise their yields by reducing installation time in the greenhouse as it can be clipped with just two fingers. With a focus on quality and reducing installation time, the Ergo Clip’s new design is optimised to ensure fast and safe clipping for the grower whilst meeting all the requirements of an ever-evolving production environment.



“Optimum protection”

Already one of the safest clips on the market, the new Ergo Clip comes with a brand-new closing system which is straightforward to fix and remove, thereby protecting young plants from damage during the installation and growth stages. Designed specifically for use with delicate plants, the high-quality reinforcement offers optimum protection and emits an audible click once locked, making it easier to check positioning on the plant stem. 

“Fully versatile”

Key features of the new Ergo Clip design are the redesigned hinge mechanism and the innovative new internal structure. Fully reinforced, the new hinge improves twine retention and supports more weight than the original Ergo Clip while the new internal structure improves the closing system giving the clips more versatility when used with leaves or branches.

‘’Every detail counts’’

Rigid and robust, air holes within the new Ergo Clip are set in a triangular structure for maximum light and air exposure to avoid fusarium and botrytis in the greenhouse. This air holes also increase the clip’s resistance and will help ensure streamlined shipping to ARaymond’s customers.



“Launching in September 2019”

A fastening system which features ARaymond’s signature technological expertise, the new Ergo Clip design concept uses the very best features of the entire ARaymond greenhouse clip range. Following the success of the initial small-scale trials of the new clip, ARaymond is now launching production of the new Ergo Clip and aims to have it on the commercial market by September 2019.