Easy Clip 23mm

A fastening solution for tomato and pepper crop production, ARaymond’s 23 mm greenhouse clip is a member of the innovative Easy Family. Featuring ARaymond’s signature optimised design and sturdy clipping mechanism, this versatile clip has proven to be very successful with growers and producers since its launch in 2013.


“Ergonomic Design”

A value-added solution from ARaymond, the Easy Clip 23mm is robust and light with an ergonomic design. Easy to install, the durable hinge has an integrated twine guide to facilitate positioning while the interior grips optimise twine retention whilst providing support for tomato and pepper crops. When locked into place, the Easy Clip 23mm also produces an audible click to let the grower know it is correctly positioned allowing for ultra-precise clipping.


easy clip picture one


“Labour Saving”

Specifically designed for use with delicate young plants, the Easy Clip 23mm’s rounded edges and large air holes reduce plant damage and help prevent Botrytis during installation and production. The Easy Clip 23mm’s simple and rapid installation is also one of the key factors which enables growers to decrease labour costs and optimise culture yields for increased overall profitability during all stages of production.


“Recommended by distributors”

Antonio Cuadrado, Manager at Fitoponiente 2011, a Spanish distributor of tomato and pepper crops confirmed the advantages of the Easy Clip 23mm stating that in his experience, the clips were agile and both quick and easy to place. He noted the optimised design of the clip, in particular the powerful hinge and closing mechanism which he felt made the Easy Clip 23mm range suitable for use in greenhouse cultivations worldwide.


“Cost Effective”

Lightweight and slimline, the compact design of the Easy Clip 23mm allows ARaymond to pack more clips to a box when shipping these fastening solutions to clients. This in turn enables ARaymond to reduce packaging and freight costs for distributors and producers, ensuring that the Easy Clip 23mm remains an extremely competitive solution for international buyers. 


"Environmentally Friendly"

The versatile Easy Clip 23mm is available in 3 colours including black, white and natural plastics and is compatible with plastic twines from 900 to 1500 m/kg. In keeping with ARaymond’s ongoing commitment to provide efficient solutions made from biodegradable materials for our clients, a biodegradable version of the Easy Clip 23mm is also available for use with ARaymond 550 m/kg cotton twine and 800 m/kg bio twine.


easy clip picture two


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