The world might have become a place of globalization and shared references under many aspects, yet it is still, luckily, a place of diversity. And for anyone developing products on a worldwide scale, such as our innovative fasteners for greenhouse cultivation, a fine understanding of the nuances as you hop from a country to another is vital. When Victor Fernet, an ARaymond sales engineer, attended the GPEC 2018 for the first time, the visit offered far more than the expected netlinking opportunities: it was a rich lesson on the Nippon producer’s mind!


Taste trumps quantity

We all share one common goal. Reconciling productivity with a healthy environment is a priority for worldwide tomato and cucumber growers. But beyond that, priorities and expectations differ. What came clear to Victor Fernet at the GPEC 2018 is that in Japan, a cucumber is not a basic product one hides at the bottom of a sandwich for a bit of crunch. It is a luxury gift from nature. As such, it deserves ample respect when grown, so it gives back plenty of taste when eaten. With this in mind, it is no surprise ARaymond products always enjoy a warm welcome on the Nippon market: their quality offers great grounds for tending respectfully to the needs of vegetables.

Greenhouse support


The best match: technology with tradition

With a constant focus on quality and taste, Japanese growers have become experts in combining technological innovations with incomparable know-how driven from tradition. Large investments are made in technology, with a long term vision for the country’s greenhouse, made possible by the high selling prices of the fruits and vegetables. While great efforts are being made to innovate, tradition is awarded incredible weight and value at the same time. Interestingly, it is not just the farmer’s will: Japanese consumers tend to respect and reward companies with years of experience better than new companies.

Moving forward together

In an environment with such high standards, ARaymond has naturally found early reconnaissance and keeps striving there. As a historical manufacturer of fastening and assembly solutions since 1865, the ARaymond Network has been operating in Japan since 1997. More specifically, with a global long term vision, ARaymond Agriculture promotes high quality and new biodegradable solutions for greenhouse growers, both in line with Japanese requirements and our values of purposeful innovation, respect and excellence.