Oriol Sullà: "The Orbit is a complete fastening system"


Oriol Sullà


Efficient and environmentally-friendly"

The latest fastening solution from ARaymond Agriculture, the Orbit is an efficient and environmentally-friendly system for nursery tree production. Developed by the ARaymond Research and Development team using feedback from our customers, the new Orbit fasteners have been designed for use with the developing industry of nursery-grown trees.

“Easily adjustable and reusable"

An adaptable and sustainable solution, Orbit fasteners are designed to attach young trees to bamboo tutor canes without damaging their delicate trunks. Easily adjustable once in position, the innovative interior edge prevents the feature hook from moving when the fastener is attached. Additionally, each fastener can be safely removed and reused once the nursery period is over.

"Meet the grower"

Oriol Sullà is a nursery grower with more than 20ha of Olive, Almond and Ornamental trees. Located in Lleida, in the Catalonia region of northeast Spain has been using the Orbit fasteners with his olive, almond and ornamental trees. We caught up with Mr Sullà to learn more about his experience using the Orbit system and to ask him for his impressions about this flexible and easy-to-use ARaymond solution.


AR: Mr Sullà, can you tell us which types of crops you use the Orbit fastening system with and why?

OS: I have been using the Orbit fasteners with olive, almond and ornamental trees. I chose to use the Orbit fasteners with the olive and almond trees because it is a much faster, reliable and economical solution in long terms than the systems currently available on the market. For the almond trees, I chose to use the Orbit system because of its solid fastening design and flexibility which is important as almonds are typically very strong trees.


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AR: Do you find the Orbit fasteners easy to use?

OS: Yes, one of the main reasons I use the Orbit system is how easy it is to install and adjust, also the fact that they come in packs of 4 units makes it easier to collect from the bag and place. I attach the Orbit fasteners during the first two months of growth and then simply adjust the fasteners as required as the plants grows both vertically and horizontally. This saves me time and ensures I don’t need to use additional products at different stages of growth.


AR: What are the key benefits to using the Orbit fastening system?

OS: I believe that the Orbit is a complete fastening system. With regards to ornamental tree production, the Orbit fasteners enable me to save increase productivity and reduce costs as I only need to purchase new products every 4 years. Additionally, I like the innovative design of the flexible strips as they don’t mark the delicate trunks of my saplings thereby increasing the market value of the trees.


AR: Do the Orbit fasteners adapt well to your young trees?

OS: Yes, the Orbit fasteners adapt perfectly to the plants. I will install over 1000 fasteners in my fields and each plant is properly supported with no problem. In the past I have had problems with plastic fastening systems becoming sun-damaged whilst in the fields which then causes young trees to fall down in windy conditions, but the robust Orbit fasteners offer an excellent safety sensation and have no evidence of being damaged over time.


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AR: Is it important to you that the Orbit fasteners can be reused?

OS: Although in Spain we currently have no legislation with regards to the use of plastic waste in the fields, we are very aware of the added value of using an environmentally-friendly fastening system. My colleagues and I are very happy with the Orbit system as in addition to increasing productivity, it is also cost-effective whilst reducing plastic pollution and waste.


AR: Will you continue to use the Orbit fasteners for your next production period?

OS: Yes, of course. My aim is to recycle the Orbit fasteners I have already installed. Thanks to their sturdy design and resistance to the elements, I am confident I will be able to reuse the Orbit system for up to 5 production periods.


Designed to reduce plastic pollution in the soil to 0%, ARaymond’s Orbit fasteners are an environmentally-friendly solution which also improves efficiency in the field. For more information about the Orbit fastening system or any of the ARaymond fastening solutions and clips for vegetables, trees and vineyards, check out our exciting range of products here